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Simple Search
Type one or more words and click the Search button.


Primo assumes that you are searching for all entered words unless OR or NOT are specified between the words and phrases.

Advanced Search
Use "contains" to find all words typed in the search box: energy history. Within this box, use OR between words to find either word: wind OR solar. Use NOT to exclude a word: insect NOT beetle.


Use "is (exact)" to search for an exact phrase anywhere within the search field: wind power.


Use "starts with" to search for the beginning words of a title: Journal of engineer. Note that the EBSCOhost scope will treat this the same as a "contains" search.

Browse Search
Use this option to search the library catalog (physical collections and electronic publications) alphabetically by subject, author, or title. Call numbers can be browsed in alphanumeric order.


Select the list to browse, type one or more words, and click the Browse button.

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